our story

Chris and Leigh Moul are both native Pennsylvanians whose paths crossed while attending college at Penn State University. They pursued careers in the oil and gas industry on the west coast after graduation, living in both Portland, OR and Los Angeles. Chris however, always had a desire to return to the farming life of his childhood. But, influenced by a very health conscious community and a growing farm-to-table movement among other things, the Mouls wanted to meld Chris’ past with their present. And so the idea for a 100% grass-fed cattle farm was born. 

Locust Point Cattle Company | Farm

Twenty years into life on the west coast, Chris and Leigh Moul decided to take the leap and pursue their new dream. They packed up their daughters, Hayden and Bailey, along with the rest of their lives and moved cross-country to a historic farm in Chris' hometown of Dover, PA. 

In Dover, there is a rural intersection that is referred to as Locust Point, named for a grove of Locust trees that were once a prominent landmark of the town and of Chris' childhood. When the Mouls found the farm that would become their home, a few of the last remaining large Locust trees dotted the landscape and they knew they had a name for their farmstead - Locust Point. 

Locust Point Cattle Company | Two Cows at Pasture

Since moving to the farm in the fall of 2014, the Mouls have been busy transforming the deteriorating barn and crop farm into a modern cattle facility that allows for the proficient production of gourmet, all-natural, 100% grass-fed, Black Angus beef.